Top 2 best wood lathes 2017 Review

The Powermatic 1352001 wood lathe

The Powermatic 1352001 wood lathe only has positive reviews from the 11 customer reviews, with a perfect grade of 5 stars. Delivery was great as well as the crating and packaging. Hardly a surprise, this is a very heavy equipment therefore you need to enlist the help of two friends to help you with the lifting. This equipment is undoubtedly of very high quality that will impress amateurs as well as professionals. Despite its monstrous weight, this is an incredibly quiet power tool. Everything that was said in the advertisement, this power tool fulfilled. Convenient, easy to use, smooth, a space saver and with great functions; this wood lathe is well worth its price.

One problem raised is when boring into a big blank with a 2″ forstener bit. When turning big bowls in hardwoods, the set screw in the tail stock leaves a burr in the slot of the shaft making it very difficult to turn the hand crank. Another minor concern is the weight of the tail stock; it’s a bit too heavy to move, a swing out tail would be helpful. One for star has several issues not only of the lathe itself but including the way shipment was handled. To summarize, he said: great planning, poor execution”. However, he did rate it four stars saying this is great choice if you want to do any spindle work.

The Jet 708358K wood lathe

The Jet 708358K wood lathe has an average of 4.5 stars from 21 customer reviews, none of which fell below the average rating of three. This wood lathe is very durable as customers who have owned it for years could attest to. After years of hard work, it still works like a charm. It requires very little assembly as most parts are preassembled into large assemblies and goes together easily, but an extra pair of hands would be great as this a very heavy piece of machinery. This works great not only for seasoned turner but even for those who are just learning. Some key functions are its plenty of power, very smooth (very precise and has very little vibration), has a variable speed control that can be adjusted when the lathe is turning and easy to operate.  The functions are excellent and shipment was also very good, packing for this heavy machine was excellent.

Some noted the position of the motor speaking from the design perspective as it extends into the area of the swing such that some blanks and turnings are blocked. The banjo design is not made entirely of cast iron but it has a steel end plate that, under heavy use, the screws break the cast iron. It’s more of a spindle lathe rather than bowl lathe, so for those who are more interested in bowl turning, one reviewer recommended a bigger lathe designed for face-plate work. Also, the tool rest extension is not very effectively, according to one. No matter how tight you lock it down, it will move with vibration. There is also a sticky pin that locks the speed settings.

Despite these concerns, all customers agree that this product is an absolute bargain for its quality and price. They highly recommend this wood lathe.

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