A detailed guide and personal review of the top WiFi thermostats

As a construction enthusiast, I have been interested in providing wifi thermostat reviews. I’ve been doing extensive research on the magnificent technologies that offer quality home comfort solutions. Most people don’t realize the crucial role that their thermostats have in ensuring that they live a healthy and comfortable life. And since you are able to read this, I’m sure that you are one of the few intelligent and sensible individuals and I greatly admire your enthusiasm to achieve the best home for your entire family.

Wifi thermostats are one of the newest technologies of the most recent smart home drift. Plenty of brands have released into the market smart thermostats including Nest, Honeywell, Lennox, White Rogers, Daikin, Trane and Carrier.

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Looking for the best and convenient wifi thermostat among the many brands and models available can be quite difficult, and so I thought of taking the initiative to create this useful resource to guide people by providing well detailed reviews and also objective analysis of the top Wi-Fi thermostats available.

My Personal detailed review of the top wifi thermostats.

All thermostats get the job of cycling the HVAC control system off and on to uphold and optimum comfort level. However, I’m interested in saving my reader’s precious time of conducting all the extensive and tedious research by themselves in order to distinguish the best thermostats.

The wifi thermostats’ ability to connect wirelessly to the internet is what makes it so different from normal ones. This internet connectivity feature allows it to provide a number of crucial details such as displaying real time weather updates and weather forecasts. Plenty of wifi thermostats provide remote access via an android, web or iPhone application. Some of the wonderful features included in most brands include checking the exterior and interior climate of your home, viewing the efficiency performance reports and even adjusting the temperature.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat-second generation model.

This brand has reincarnated the smart thermostat market since its introduction. The Nest thermostat keeps learning about your surrounding condition more as days go by, calculating very powerful algorithms. It uses this gathered data from its light and motion sensors in order to know its owner more. The thermostat has an application that displays past data and analysis details.

2. Honeywell wifi thermostat with a voice control feature.

This smart unit comes along with a brilliant feature known as far-field voice control. Just by simply saying “Hello thermostat, I’m feeling cold”, the unit changes its setting by 1 degree Fahrenheit. There are plenty of other pre-programmed commands to issue to the thermostat to provide different functions.

3. The Honeywell wifi smart thermostat.

This thermostat is similar to the one described above but lacks the smart voice control feature. This smart thermostat unit is an exceptional choice to individuals not interested in the voice control feature. Its intuitive interface is one among the best in the market, simple to use and has a great appearance. It has a simple design that blends perfectly well with any house, especially with the capability of customizing the screen color to a desired one. The four tabs at the top of the unit provide quick access to various settings and controls.

4. The Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat.

Sensi have been able to push for the simpler side of the wifi thermostats, being able to retain the great traditional look and feel of a typical thermostat. Does it have a touchscreen? No.This news may come as a huge surprise, but many people are not quite accustomed to using touch screens. It uses physical buttons, which is nothing similar to the features of the other thermostats.

5. The Lennox iComfort wifi thermostat.

The Lennox iComfort thermostat is a beauty. It can be accessed remotely through the iComfort website and application. It has a Weather on demand feature that isn’t present on other smart thermostats. This feature provides a 5-day weather forecast together with live weather updates.

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